About the School

About The School

Carp Co-operative Nursery School was established over forty years ago. Located in the village of Carp, the school is surrounded by mature trees and many historic buildings. Our classroom is within the Anglican Parish of Huntley Hall and we have a spacious, well equipped space. Outdoors we have a large grass-filled yard with a hill, a sandbox and a variety of outdoor toys. 

What is a Co-operative Nursery School?

In a co-operative nursery school, the parents are in an active and essential partnership with the qualified teachers.  The co-op is managed by a parent executive committee and each family participates in fundraising as well as other roles.  These include providing snack for the children, helping out in the classroom and tasks such as toy cleaning and laundry. This participation gives parents the opportunity to be highly involved in their child’s experience at nursery school.