What will the children do during their time at school?

General Routine:

9:00-9:45:  Free play, open craft activities, table top activities, sensory play
9:45-9:50:  Tidy up time
9:50-10:00:  Group craft activity
10:00-10:20:  Circle time
10:20-10:30:  Hand washing & toileting
10:30-10:45:  Snack time
10:45-10:55:  Circle time
10:55-11:30:  Dressing for outdoors and outdoor play

*these are approx. times

Do the children do planned crafts or do they choose their own activities?

They do a combination of both.  There is painting available at all times as well as other craft activities during free play.  After free play, there is a planned group craft activity.

Will there be group times?

Yes, there are two group circles.

What will they do in group times?

There will be songs, stories, games and other learning activities.

Do the children sit down together for snack or is it ongoing?

Yes, the children sit down all together.  They help serve snack and help wash up also.  It is a social time too.

Do the children play outside?

Yes, the children have outdoor play from approximately 11:00-11:30 or pick-up time.  When the weather is very cold or otherwise unpleasant, the children do not go outside.

Field Trips

Do the children go on field trips?

Yes, the children go on field trips, usually one a month.  Some of the special activities are at the school and others are away.

Why do you do field trips?

We do field trip so that the children can experience new activities and ideas.  They are learning opportunities and they are fore mostly fun!

How will they be supervised?

The parents are required to come with the children.


Is your program a theme based program?

Yes our program is theme based.  We find that with themes we can encompass a greater field of learning with the children. We take a theme and expand on it into each area of play; circle, craft table, top toys ect. We are also aware and will take the lead of the children. If they become interested in something else then we follow that lead and expand on it. We are not rigid with our themes.

What do you want the children to learn?

We want the children to learn through play. There are so many learning opportunities presented in the day. At the playdough table the children are learning finemotor skills, creativity, expanding language and socialization. Each area of play presents different opportunities for learning. Our goal is to focus on the whole child and then the learning will come.

Duty Parents

What will I do when I am on duty?

There are certain duties that the parents are expected to do. If you are on snack duty then you need to bring in a nut free, healthy snack for up to 16 children. Set up the snack and with their child help serve the snack to the group. The other duty is that of cleaning. There are signs posted at the NS that tells the parents what they are expected to do. The teacher is also more than willing to help you out and answer any questions you may have.

During the program, we want parents to interact with your child and their peers. The playdough table is a great spot to get started if you are unsure what to do. This area is great because the children love it and
there are lots of opportunities to engage the little ones. Make a pizza with the play dough and ask the kids to help you. The children are happy to have an adult play. The teacher will direct you when an extra pair of hands is needed in other areas of the day.

I don’t have any experience working with young children. Is this a problem?

You do not have to have any experience. The children are very easy to please, they are happy to have someone read a book to them or to do a puzzle. Simply have fun. This is your chance to play with your little one and to see them interact with their peers in their Nursery School.