Welcome to Carp Cooperative Nursery School

Carp Cooperative Nursery School is a place where children can broaden their social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth through teacher directed and self directed learning. It provides the children access to excellent play equipment and a safe space to develop along side children their own age. The school offers an atmosphere where children can experiment, be free and spontaneous, and where they can take pride in their own accomplishments and learn to trust friendly, helpful adults. Programs are available for children age 2.5 to 5 years in the morning.
The nursery school is a cooperative, non-profit, non-denominational school that is administered by an executive committee of parents. The objective is to provide the best possible nursery environment while maintaining affordable fees. A parent (guardian/care-provider) of each child registered for the Fall/Winter Program will be required to volunteer and provide a snack for the students approximately once every month and a half. As well, each family volunteers for a specific responsibility for the school year. Morning classes are a maximum of 16 children. There is always one teacher and two parents on duty for the summer program and one teacher, one assistant, and one parent volunteer for the fall programs, ensuring that individual attention can be given to each child’s needs.  The Province of Ontario licenses the school. The Nursery School has a Constitution and By-Laws and a copy is posted in the school.  If you have any questions about the nursery school, please call (613) 839-3416 and leave a message. A member of the Executive Committee will call you back as soon as possible.

We allow 27 month olds to apply but they need to meet the teacher first to assess their readiness for preschool.